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Technology is studying the past : the ITHACA project for marine archeology image

Roma, 13 luglio 2015 It has just completed a massive campaign to study the archaeological sites of Metohi and Glaros , in the marvelous Gulf Pagasitikos , in eastern Greece .   The relief is part of the ambitious research project ITHACA (Innovation Technologies and Applications for Coastal Archaeological sites) funded by the FP7 of the European Community , which is developing an innovative tool that uses satellite images combined with processing algorithms and advanced techniques for GIS identify areas of potential interest from the point of view of marine archeology . Once developed this tool will optimize the management and care of underwater archaeological finds , as well as to detect new ones. The survey just completed will lead ...

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SMAU 2014 image

Within the SMAU in Naples it will be able to appreciate the technologies used in the program of telecommunications to health (TELESAL) commissioned by the Italian Space, which aims to implement healthcare applications that require satellite communication. In particular, the application will be presented which provides innovative technologies in the countryside of mammography screening on mobile satellite clinics. In fact, the exhibition hall will be open to the mobile unit, now forces the fleet in the second hospital in Naples undertaken by several organizations of the Aerospace District of Campani: Federico II University (Department of Oncology DEOMC), by some companies of the consortium ALI (Euro.Soft Ltd. and TES Ltd.) and the leader Kell srl The surgery is equipped with advanced ...

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Sentinel-2 image

The next European mission Sentinel-2 has reached a significant milestone with respect to its goal of producing optical image resolution for monitoring changes on the ground. After seven years of work, the best product technology imagine is ready to go on the first satellite. While many scientists and members met recently to discuss the many applications that Sentinel will make possible, the engineers at Airbus and Space defense in Germany were working on the delivery of the device to capture multispectral images. Participants in the scientific workshop on the Sentinel-2, held in Italy last week, were thrilled to learn that years spent in the development, assembly and testing of this tool, have produced an object that will completely transform our ...

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National guidelines on telemedicine image

On February 20, the State-Regions Conference approved the document “Telemedicine – Guidelines National” which for the first time directs the work in the field of telemedicine initiatives. A praise also came from the Ministry of Health has recognized the importance of the information contained in the act that finally raises the stakes with regard to the services provided on an “telemedicine”. The paper proposes a model of shared governance initiatives in telemedicine which aims to harmonize the application models in the delivery and use of services in the field of health and social distance. The guidelines indicate the elements essential to the design and use of telemedicine devices within the National Social and Health System. It is outlined a strategic ...

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